cular and joint pains, and malaise, can be definitively distinguished from
of a fistula communicating with the cervix. The patient applied for treat-
charge was present on the third and fourth days, and above the symphysis
oophoritis. Out of 55 women injected after abortion 11 reacted ; 3 cases of
more use than any other drug in the curative treatment of very early stages
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Stargardt '* has described a type of famihal neuropathic
The mother first showed symptoms on the fifth day, when nausea, constipa-
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inclusion of cases of streptococcic infection under the head of relapsing
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Taves : " The Etiology and Diagnosis of Epidemic Cerebro-Spinal M«ningitis,"
that are improving lies in the po.*sibility of sudden rupture. But iu
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cance, because while the fever is still in the stage of acme the reaction may
of the cases referred to, and also to Dr. W. James Wilson
the number of permanent defects among these serum-treated
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rather hard to hear on account of co-existing emphysema.
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gastric ulcer. These patients were about ecjually divided between the