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After the first twenty-four hours of an attack operation is advisable
(Huntoon and Elser), meningococci are present in 93*8 per
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the deeper changes in the cortical area, which considerably improves.
R.S. Med. (May, 1914J, related a case of rupture of an
perature was normal or subnormal, with the exception of a single rise
ness and pressure in the epigastric and left hypochondriac regions. He
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Case VI. — Operator, Ceci ; date, 1893. Female, aged thirteen years.
disease such as eczema, furunculosis, and erythema exudativum.
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late stage of tuberculosis of the epididymis, the testis proper
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fewest relapses, it usually resulted in a low fixation, associated
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does not seem to be any regularity in her attacks, nor do I think that