gery, August, 1899) makes the following summary of his method of treatment :
should be removed when about 10 c.c. have been collected.
breath was foul, and the teeth were very bad, most of them had decayed
in connection with the pituitary tumor are emphasized by Stewart.
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the comparative rarity of the condition, and the presence of some
be overcome, he is apt to be impatient, because it takes a
appendix on the right side and the sigmoid colon on the left.
over-heated atmospheres should be avoided. Graduated exer-
there will be two sounds conducted to the examiner's ear — one directly
the latter date one of the veins in the left arm was svspirated and 5
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upon active duties, he complained of a feeling of oppression in his chest,
Hospital Life Within the Confederate Medical Department Christopher D. Barnett
direction. He fixed the decapsulated posterior surface of the
poverty disease among the poor in India as in England, and
previously described by Labb6, Opie, and MacCallum. For his experi-
that a " septicaemic " stage undoubtedly exists during the
conclusion. Breisky, who saw twelve cases, only attempted a clinical
brief note of but twenty lines added by the translator, while the section
alus, with rapid aggravation of symptoms, in a boy, eight months old. Thirty
cases must be predicted. Leaving out of the present consideration
is no family history of any lung trouble. He has not had syphilis. The
Sarcoma of the Uterus. — Franque {ZeiUchrift fiir Geb. v. Oynakologir,