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heralded by a left-handed drift in the nuclear percentages, long
Arterio-sclerosis and hyperpiesis (A. Graham-Stewart) ... 551
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common, so very few instances of coronary aneurism have been described.
question whether perforation has taken place. I regret to say that in
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It is a well-recognized fact that the longer one is engaged in prescrib-
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the stomach- wall of two dapple- winged mosquitoes fed on the blood
just at the time of moulting, when they are most readily bitten by
valuable. On the appearance of fecal dejections intestinal antiseptics are
Uppal A, Disler DG, Short WB, McCauley TR, Cooper JA.
headache may be experienced. Epistaxis is a common early symptom.
edge of the frequency of this disease in infancy and childhood. Expe-
vigorous campaign on the part of the profession, of which at
old people who from time to time get restless and sleepless
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in this paper. Xevertht-less, it is worth pointing out that,