3attention has been paid in the ordinary works on electro-therapeutics.
4When we consider that splenic pseudoleukiemia is a progressive disease,
5the left pleura, 4 into the pulmonary artery, and 2 into the right pleura.
7congenital affection. Four cases have, indeed, been recorded by 8hat-
9prove of use to medical men. Unfortunately, it was published before the
12subjected twenty-one patients to this treatment in Gradenigo's public clinic
14the drug had been administered, and remained elevated for
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17and syncopal attacks may all have an aural basis, and abdominal
18was found only in affections of the pia mater, and which was never
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23may be the causes which produce this cutaneous affection.
24considerable advantage, not to be overlooked in the present time, of being
25limb is then brought or dragged to a position under the centre of gravity
26thenia, and obesity. The rapidity with which diaphoresis (within five min-
28A highly organized nervous system is a valuable equipment
29Physicians and Nurses: Read the article designated for continuing education credit. Complete the Continuing
30of rhachitis and scrofula, extensive glandular enlargement and grave
31kowitz. Buzzard, Hardy, Beevor, and Brown. Two such cases have
32conditions which ape typhoid fever, duration and immunity to second
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34to have a healthy heart and valve ; in 2 the left ventricle was dilated
35is classed among the vaso-dilators. Also, we find several inaccuracies
36lar tension. Early in fevers it is antipyretic and sedative. As a succeda-
40complete loss of the eye, for which the employer would be
41the surgical aspect of pancreatic diseases. In Nothnagel's Special
44The Employment of the Soluble Silver Salts of Metallic Silver in the
45at more favored resorts." As to the safety of this method, he presents his