shorten the lid and passively increase the size of the palpebral fissure,
* P.ased on a Lecture delivered at the Central London Throat, Nose, and
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facilitated through the bowel, which is almost invariably the
Complete blindness occurs with some frequency, and other
one, he proceeded to pursue hia investigations further. In August,
that none of them are quite satisfactory in all cases. He
ability to take acid drinks without discomfort. The clinical picture
autopsied at the coroner's morgue. The examination revealed a thin-
to all intents and purposes, an acute toxaemia with little or
lum toxic dose of 0.015 c.c. and a maximum dose of 0.025 c.c. The
its power to overcome is limited. If then we can explain its
soft parts at the junction of the ala nasi with the upper lip,
instructive examples of the affection in question were observed i>y these
operation, the patient could not recover. Alcohol must be avoided and
pulse of the patient, who was rather a plethoric woman.
placental circulation was not interfered with. The most natural explana-
nourishment and seemed a little stronger. There was still marked melaena,
obtain no growth in the undiluted or slightly diluted samples
ture of both types. It may be assumed, then, that we are dealing with
turbances, manifested in anorexia, indigestion, and diarrhoea, are present
sold as a general disinfectant, but as an "air purifier." Carbolic acid, 5
period. At St. Thomas's Hospital 53 had been operated upon ;
percussion-evidence, and of deficient entry of air, even though
My interest in the pathology and pathological anatomy of paralysis
'^ difeafe refides in the joints of their feet to the day
tralblatt fiir Qyndkologie, 1899, No. 19, Lohi.ein draws attention to the fact
is not the most likely result, but that adhesions may bar the spread of
of observations, they corresponded fairly closely to the average
develops. He gives as instances typhoid fever, chronic enterocolitis, and
intestinal antiseptic, and a mouth wash consisting of carbolic