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was normal ; the left ureter could not be found ; the right ureter was

successful administration of food from the onset. Hence, small

ipation producing kinking of the bowel through the weight of the

green vegetables, and non-proteid desserts, I ate for breakfast six eggs,

Dr. Skene has now employed electro-haemostasia in over two hundred

commendable features of this review is the discussion of the influence

crown of X-ray diagnosis. The difficulties are not few, and

of typhoid fever. The face was flushed, the temperature 103.4" ; there

perceptible. It is therefore a conspicuous sign in estimating the rapid-

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three cases — those of Borgherini, Dana, and Redlich. In the cases of

The continuance of this treatment at subsequent periods was successful. —

extending into the ventral median fissure, was usually found thickened.

lead to a suspicion of syphilis. The present writer can endorse

have been able to find any record was reported by Pozzi' in 1874. The

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of neglect, as indicated in the last parao;raph. It is seen most

is often due to some other cause. Some are of undoubted

pf weather, fatigue, journies, irregular diet; fo that

rule, even in the sickest patients. The writer deduces from the above that

to walk about without fufficlent cloaths, nor with-

a day she had massage of the legs and feet for forty minutes ; once a

gastric region. Pain was present over the same area. July 14th, fric-

oj the Medical Sciences, Vol. CXLVI., No. 4, October, 1913. 17. Journal oj the