cerebral haemorrhage ? I do not think we can be too careful,

inner wall of the sac in situ through the opening in its wall by means

isolated. Another member of the same family was admitted

without meningeal symptoms ; or as a bronchopneumonia in

made an incision, 2 J cm. long, .3 or 4 mm. from the free border of the

men was 3.4 cm. long, and here faint shadows were obtained of the cranium,

the subject. " The cause of this disease is unknown ; bacterio-

Under the open-air treatment it is as infrequent as it was previously sup-

In 87 of the males a statement is made as to the surrounding organs

was noted, the case being almost cured. The second case was a girl, aged

70. Cloutier MG. Medical care behind enemy lines: A histor-

'.unging down, thus bringing the thigh at right angles to the body, when

As in all books of this character, the inorganic predominates over the

kind are either regular (^as small shot or intact service bullets),

With these data in mind we have worked up the hospital statistics in

1 specific local infection, he proceeds to treat the infection locally by means

attention. Only the purest raw material should be used, and

examination two alcoholic solutions of different seeds of strophanthus,

mologv take up MO page.", and constitute an adequate presentation of

This nicety of division, however, concerns diagnosis rather

The pleura filled so fast that from July 10, 1891, to January 13, 1892,

definitely determined before intervention can secure valuable results. In

ease, than where it comes on rapidly, since in the latter case the nerve-

extreme importance by reason of its varied tetiology.

Gee. (St. Bartholomew's Hospital Reports, 1884, xx. 19.) Case I. History.

such a case, unless there are indications which make another

(0 to 8 in.) in diameter, containing semi-solid feces ; ulcferatiou of mucous

and a few leucocytes. At one subsequent examination there was a sus-

the last two the rarest, in the presence of this condition.