1tion alone is not sufficient to get rid promptly of the disease. We
3to the medical officers of other regiments as diphtheria in a school should
4tonitis. I have often been surprised by the rapid disappearance of a
5It is customary to lament the fact that medical nomenclature con-
6thirty, seen many years before in Guy's Hospital, with a supposed
8some abdominal pain. The diet was continued unchanged and no
9digested starches; also milk, with an alkali, is indicated. Where lavage has
10in the breast, the differential diagnosis by clinical means is
11however, they are not associated with overall gradu-
12pharyngoscope will often show the cushions of the Eustachian
13He had seen some which had been kept in water for months by Ross,
14shadows thereon flow past without change of place amongst
16in the left eye in 72 cases. Cridland has brought forward
17attic. Some of the results of chronic otitis media are the formation of
18morning hours of exhaustion — the tenth day in the hospital and the
19anterior surface of both thighs and the mons veneris. -A similar eruption
20any share in the production of the rigidity, as the rigidity is of an
21Liehermeister, I^ube and many others have declared it to be of extreme
23Messrs. Mcintosh and Fildes ' ; the amount of antigen used is
24regret that this was not established beyond doubt by sections of the
25tion. He says in conclusion, after bringing forward a mass
26lost blood and became weakened. On examining the tumor after the uterus
27and an improvement in this direction is much to be desired.
28pressure, and of the auditory method of McWiiliam and Melvin.
30when the ral)bit8 were apparently dying, but in each instance the animal
31would require a series of inoculations through a number of
32The nervous element showed very strongly in this case, which was
33after the fall, which he regarded as of little importance, he began to
34is always removed) ; the whole of the fat and fascia in the
35tendon in its capsule, at a point more or less high, according to the
36in systolic in excess of the diastolic pressure. For clinical
37>[ake a transverse incision, 10 or 12 mm. long, through the conjunctiva,
38feeding, or if they are artificially fed, the same quantity
40Flinn SD. Changes in stress fracture distribution and current
41First. In all cases examined there was a uniformity and constancy in
42water or tea. The importance of these remedies in various infectious dis-
44of toxic and non-toxic alkaloids present. The writer suggests lethane as a
45into which evacuated a large quantity of pus, with great relief to the patient.
46In health the cerebrospinal fluid is quite clear, limpid, and
47he promulgates. His micro-photographs in this part of the work are
48of time covered by the reports from which the data are taken. Some