her feet, then her elbow^s, and fingers of her hands,

symptoms of marked constitutional depression, and is followed by rapid and

how well they flourish, would it not be more reasonable to expect that the

but no meningococci were found ; yet in the case of an elder

Dr. Buford noticed that the withdrawal of the catheter was followed

although specimens were taken from it for study ; hence, it is presumable

namely, the green and the brown, which were prepared in the same

albuminuria, vomiting, headache, pulmonary engorgement,

reported where an operation was done on a wholly mistaken diagnosis.

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Finally, in the department of Nervous Diseases, we notice excellent

severe attack of the disease in an adult, a type of case pre-

attempts have failed to discover any such toxic material, and

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In the cases of Redlich and Hunt the cerebellum was found normal.

perature at the time of examination is normal. One would not hesitate

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be beneficial in helping serum treatment in chronic cases ; an

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