have been done, though I could not demonstrate it. I may cite, for

The spleen was occasionally enlarged, especially in the

the cardiac functions and does not cause any striking symptoms. 2. The

may be called idiopathic, inasmuch as it constitutes the whole of the

Blood very pale and thin ; coagulates slowly and imperfectly. Micro-

what a careful consideration would lead U8 to expect. Muscular tissue

50 per cent , by slow rectal injection (Murphy's methodj, and the diuretic

remaining number worked in an especially warm environment. Occu-

abortive on the left; no disturbance of sensation exists in the lower

solution " B." Both become opalescent when mixed with water.

of 102 bpm and a blood pressure of 163/84mm Hg. The remaining physical examination findings are unre-

Eshner (1896); 5. Diller (1896). To the nine cases hitherto reported

which the aneurism unquestionably arose in the coronary arteries.

This led me to study the conditions of the heart immediately before

power to benumb sensation, while cold would do so when carried beyond

Virulent streptococci, injected even in rather small quantities into the

" (i) I have seen in man the tonic constriction ring, in the

my experiments. I have suggested that its effect in cases

alcohol, which is yearly growing, have intensified the effect"

globin. After the disease is well advanced the blood is very pale and

condensing and drying processes used in the preservation of

finally rupture occurred, for which abdominal section was performed, and the

four. Revising the latter half of the last table with these facts in mind

tact with the pericardial sac, and thus favor the transmission of the

observation — forty-six days — being the longest so far reported in this dis-

of the outer \vall which is membranous, viz., the tympanic

thoracicus has never been observed independent of a general miliary

more albumin, and red corpuscles and quantities of hyaline and pale

to be substituted. In a series of ten patients there was but one death, and

things as recertification of National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) boards but there was