being more than double that of the hiemoglobin, and that febrile chlo-

Text-book of Anatomy by American Authobs. Edited by Fredebic

atrophy. He approves of Le Dentu's dictum, that is, " I admit one

signs of compression, cancer of the pancreas, a rare primary tumor, was not

In a paper on this subject, which I read before the

are often very large, and are surrounded by a bright area, showing that

fluid. It is recorded in the form of a table, in which

pneumonia and typhoid fever. In the hyper-acuie and fulmi-

fider, in what manner the rheumatifm begins its ar-

same time his color waa poor and his appetite not so good as usual.

usually such a symptom, most of those who have seen cases believe.

clifcafes, when the whole fl<:in is dry, there is any

oughly carried into the skin and subjacent tissues. The results of the treat-

podophyllin are continued throughout the disease for their antiseptic prop-

lected to be thirty-nine deaths and fifteen recoveries, while in four the

of the testis, and if sound implanted by catgut suture into

strychnine and the outbreak of the fit, the greater is tho power of ab-

as that of a case of splenic anasmia. Tapping has been tried

toxic it became. The following experiment was made to show this : 150

The patient, a man aged sixty-seven years, with an indefinite history of two

As to X-ray treatment, severe cases do not present them-

patient dies in three or four days ; the other may live, may

infection, diagnoeticated, Tait refusing to operate. Effusion removed thirty times in the next

been satisfactory in many respects. The contraction of the lip operated

on the blood-pressure and pulse-rate were begun forthwith.

poisons circulating in his blood, which caused his hyper-

been brought around to form the mucous covering of the defective.

urine with a trace of albumin is a common symptom of it. Now, it is

Further, the sooner the operation is done after the onset

more frequent in primiparae than in multiparae. Of the former GO per cent,

I purpose first to deal with the symptoms of neurasthenia,

dilatation of the cellular spaces. There was a slight increased vascu-

after the weekend USASOC Surgeon's Conference. A large thank you to SOMA for the use of the dedicated

stant. The cooled urine at 20° C. precipitated no uric acid, which was

of one patient before the operation, " pulse at times cannot be felt,"

tisBuei* of the labia majora, the nymphse, the area about the clitoris and

stage, or has not yet progressed very far, the result is good.

a cure in cases which are better treated by lavage through

The following summary of the tappings may be of interest :