in which cerebrospinal fever is suspected, the neck must be
very old person and that of a person who had had paralysis agitans. To this I can only say
large proportion, purely intestinal. I have not yet had the
Anaemias from hemorrhages, infections and certain degenera-
70. Cloutier MG. Medical care behind enemy lines: A histor-
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made an incision, 2 J cm. long, .3 or 4 mm. from the free border of the
in giving due credit to thoee who have recently made important obser-
kidney is to be maintained at its best. The diseased foci should be removed
the structures in the mediastinum during the act of inspiration. In this
of an anomalous form of impetigo contagiosa," and, page 180, "herpes
teriological examination of the ear yielded results very similar to those
Case IV. — John McG., a soldier, aged nineteen years, was sent to the
will that from the healthy male. The blood serum of rats
totomy was at once done, the ureter slit up on the calculus, and the calculus
one case, which Mr. Connell removed recently in Sheffield, I
The skull and scalp exhibited no changes externally. Internally the
in cases of infantile eczema. I am forced, in spite of
know, death does occur, even though it be so late as the
cosis into the jugular vein) was below 0.536 for the urine voided during
Epistaxis began about two years ago, and since then has often been
cat that was bitten in the back by a dog. A servant threw the cat out
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recorded after simple curretting away of the caseous centres
chiefly by their local action. This includes the demulcents, emollients,
that a range of from 25 per cent, to 50 per cent, of error is found for
solution, and in small percentages the perfusion mixture is
in the early stages. This has frequently been observ'cd. From
in bed, and that the injections were made into the jugular vein, the
•Surgical intervention in this particularly dangerous class should be
the year 1887 with severe pain in the left foot, lasting thirty-six hours.
Gayet '^ has studied Ambard's urea co-efficient, in a series
is of bad import. Early dyspnoea on exertion with pain in the