wound closure. Intra-operatively the surgeons found

malingering in such cases, yet it is undoubtedly true that in

From the above general considerations it seems not unreasonable to

that a fanguine conjtitution infel:ied with fome fliarp de-

were greatly exaggerated. He also makes the interesting observation

secondly, to examine the nasopharynx and nasal cavities to

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boiMi recommended by some, and condemned by others, on the ground

pad was then soaked in the iodide solution, and left on for

aggravated in most cases from time to time by periodic

tissue by a thick, concentrically arranged capsule of connective tissue.

of obstruction still continued. The abdomen was markedly swollen, and

negative. The lymphatic glands are usually not enlarged. In some

The sources from which a knowledge of the history of medicine could

exposed in thin layers, and in thicker layers they retained their vitality longer

other important organs of the body (Semple). Of course, if at any

rarely proceeds to full term in these cases. Patients who have this abnor-

After reviewing the writings of Marchand and others, Voigt comes to the

^' ^ aiires^ tf labia ajficumtur ^ that at lad the noftrils,-

In a paper p'-blished some time later Mingazzini' claimed priority of

sound where mediastinal involvement is suspected. The chin should be

5.16 P.M. Head drawn backward, pupils dilated, but reacting to light ;

Motor Cortex. The most marked cortical changes were observed from

injuring the patient. In a certain number of cases I am confident that

factors of a liver cirrhosis or other conditions inducing splenic hyper-

pended on the inabdity of the kidneys to excrete various

negative. While under observation the patient gained in weight, the pig-

risies ; the temperature is not to be considered as a guide to the local condi-

the first place, cases of splenic anaemia without any apparent

If, however, the case does not terminate fatally within the first three

malaria. It is greatly to be regretted that he has not been more liberal

Jenner was mistaken when he said that the protection from vaccina-

a course of tuberculin. He was accustomed to attend at the hospital daily