2had kidney disease. Since then he has not had headache nor any other
3Aleiisuelle des Maladies de P Enfance, August, 1899, p. 373) reported to the
4at once to the hospital, on account of his condition. There was at that
6we shall expect to see this in the succeeding issue. A slight error in
8times, but only in the first degree, and in rheumatism it was never obtained.
10The Arterial System of the Kidney and its Relation to its Pathology
11referred, does not seem to prove the existence of pericardial effusion as
12a paradox in itself) : " The pelvis is tilted to the opposite side, and the
13transmission of malaria is not a new one. It was first advanced many
14been confined, and in whom the pulse was taken in the morning only, while
15and in highly inflamed conditions. There are probably two alkaloids present
17Outer side of tibia'and inner side of fibula : shows hyperostosis, osteitis, and fungoos
18thoughts to run unchecked along the lines of least resistance ;
19was yellowish ; it converted starch into sugar and emulsified fat. This
21> Uosslin. MUDch. med. Wocbenscb., 1890, No. 14.
22ascribe the pain to anything more than neurasthenic and digestive dis-
23Among the females 1 died of paroxysmal dyspnoea, 4 from exhaus-
24ence of fecal impaction or of scybalous masses is not the rule in this
25ness masking the rigidity, and the rigidity the tumor. Under ether the
26recognize what may be called normal. " Show me normal on
28was failing ; the heart was acting poorly again, and the respirations were
29in death. There was no increase in the number of leucocytes; the
30Treatment of Rheumatism in Children. — Dii. Philii' F. Barbour
31size the fact, already noted by those who have had any experience in immu-
32cases as possible in which there were cerebral symptoms. Many indi-
33graphic examination of the Itmgs. Nothing, however, produces
34and sometimes even lead to confusion. Of course, it would not be just
35bandage to produce constant pressure over the knee is helpful,
37(Edward H. Taylor), 898 ; Minor Surgery and Bandaging. Pollard (H.
38flagella that tore themselves free from the hyaline forms were seen to
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40occluded vessels in the brain could be found. Presumably