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Clements reports three cases — carcinoma of the lower jaw with tubercu-

4. Stiffness of the Neck, without signs of otitis or other

systolic murmur over the body of the heart at the pulmonary area and

specific action upon the trophic fibres in the nerve, or some chemical

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shortly afterwards, he developed a violent hiccough of a spasmodic nature.

The author believes that retraction of the palmar aponeurosis is due

There was no history of rheumatism in the child or parents, nor

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the greater one's experience the more one appreciates the

The convex edge of the incision was stitched by interrupted silver-

thalmic goitre ; for it can hardly be a coincidence that,

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when there is a definite history of locking of the joint and

With Macbeth we may exclaim, "The cry is still 'They come,'" for

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the constant use of the galvanometer, a point that is often unfortunately

Gynaecology, Recent work in (F. J. McCannj .... 813

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