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Cerebro-spinal fever (T. J. Horder) (illustrated) .... §35
(French in Indochina; Good groundwork for SF in Vietnam)
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was required. He also exhibited pictures of the foetus in the fifth, sixth,
For behold ! the intestinal tube itself has been parcelled out.
Reil, the part of the precentral gyrus that overhangs the
woman in the eighth month of pregnancy. Under chloroform the
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object to the nightly dose, but for the fastidious it is quite easy
increased the pain. At the end of a little more than one year signs
rhosis might result. Small areas of degeneration or necrosis could be caused
Two Unasnal Cases of Ectopic (Testation.— In the Monatschri/t fur
diet, an operation may be offered to the patient ; secondly, in cases of
serum in the posterior fossa. These cases, it seems to me, go rather to
plaining of failing vision and headache; there had been vomiting of cere-
btained and when the operation was performed before the process of
purpose, which aims at enlarging the fronto-nasal opening
Suddenly, on the morning of August 0th, he sank into a comatose
certain individuals, Weichselbaum and Fliigge suggest that
gation. As a contrast, error may result frona a failure to
Distended alxlomen, growing more so ; no pain or tenderness ; absolute con-
this class of cases, and also to the difficulty of reaching the cavities. They
continued until the 2(>th, five davs later, when it began to rise. On
independently of the impaired alimentary process and of exhaustive stimulants.
areas of cellular infiltration. No hemorrhages into the arachnoid and
and other violent emotions, injuries, severe muscular exertion, rheuma-
shadow is in definite relationship with that of some familiar
Thirty-nine of these were cases of diphtheria only, four were cases of
to 100^ F. Convalescence was looked upon as assured, when the child
tion was seen in several cases. This infiltration in my own case was