partly inverted the uterus. The growth was removed and the womb replaced.

the sign in many diseases other than meningeal affections. In six cases,

Hunt, James R. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, 1896, p. 184.

The 1 5tli edition has, if possible, surpassed in usefulness the former

inflammata ortum fumn debeat ; qua quidem partes illas

In 66 of the cases no statement was made as to whether the patient


part another type ? The student of the subject knows that, in

hours apart. After this inunctions were given daily in small, quantity for

revised. Philadelphia: P. Blakiston's Son & Co., 1898.

many study-shelves the book might be found, and, indeed,

Pansinusitis. — When all the accessory nasal sinuses are

A Swift, Elusive Sword: What if Sun Tzu and John Boyd Did

of restitution, as shown by a properly staining nucleus, and a tj'pical arrange-

of estimating cardiac tonus is by means of X-ray examina-

the precipitate is brought upon a fine ash-free filter, previously washed

negative ; mouth and pharynx negative ; tonsils normal size ; glands

in 25 out of 32 cases of goitre, etc. The exact significance

perforation and the secondary fatal peritonitis must be referred to it.

this age-Umit must be accounted for by the unvaccinated. These state-

colon were hundred? of necrotic areas (fat necrosis), varying in size

diately or slowly causes distention to develop above it. Treves" reports

innumerable miliary foci. To strengthen this argument he quotes the

14. Bignami. Lancet, 1898, vol. ii. pp. 1461, 1541.

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diet was fully sufficient to supply the heat of the body, but for its nitro-

recognize them by sight. He may taste, smell, touch objects,

subject and two other healthy male subjects. The preparation

abdomen and withdrew seventeen pints of bloody serum, which was

12 to 15 kgs. The condition continued to improve till the arm could be ab-