1ease. The urine may also be normal in those cases where the flow is stopped,
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4Dilatation of the Stomach ; Etiology and Treatment. — Db. J. A. Lichty
6minimal physical fitness. The PFT is administered dur-
7felt in the axilla. Complete excision was carried out, and
8when it is of the meningeal type, the diagnosis maybe difficult,
10is found as a yellowish-white, odorless, almost tasteless powder, insoluble in
11ward a brisk twenty-minutes' walk is taken in the open air. The author advo-
12In only one other disease of the nervous system has perivascular sclerosis
13this portal." It is not to this type that I desire to refer, but
14Without going into a chemical discussion of the agents producing tox-
15amount of fluid increased greatlv. Two or three times I drew son^e of it
16propriety of surgical interference, improvement began to show itself,
17and sibilant rales, but no moist ones. The patient stated that he could
18motion at the elbow, had less strength in the hand, and consequently there
19croissance," other French clinicians have recognized that hypertrophy is
20In 1898 the patient reported and was in good health.
23ated. She has three other children, all four being alive and well. Up
24physician has made his diagnosis of the underlying mischief,
25recognized early — in many cases, this can only be done by
26demonstrates at the same time that little if any attention has been paid
27heim records the fact that some authors regard Gilles de la Tourette's
28absorption of the effused liquid, but it must be pushed by
33produced, which is more palatable than many of the natural "bitter
35prove the cutaneous circulation and the condition of the muscles. If respi-
36not due only to laxity of vessel walls but to lack of output
37for the estimation of the xanthin bases in the urine, we have been in
38of pain in connection with a lump in the breast the less
39first observations on this disease were published in i8Si. We