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Atrophic Marasmus of Nurslings.— In the British Medical Journal, May
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the aid of a dental syringe completes the recovery ; but a large probe may
believes that the cutaneous emphysema was caused by the pressure of gas,
good pension for life, if permanently incapacitated. Some with
* Welch. Iioc. cit. * I^ebert. Quoted by Welch, loc. cit.
Relationship to Adenoma. — Simple tumours of the breast
The story of their efforts is too long to be set forth here,
reflex, simple narrowing of the pupils during an attempt to close the
Bronchocele. — Dr. Edmund W. Holmes, Demonstrator of Anatomy in
[We recently had occasion to observe the appendages in a case of triplets.
appeared normal at birth ; there was a caput and moulding of the head,
The most common ending (about half the cases) was by coma, or what
milliamperes. It was necessary to discontinue the examination, as the