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To my chagrin, I have seen cases of high blood-pressure
1 kg. of dog brought out a moderate tetanus after forty-five minutes.
4. In one case, nervous lesions, resembling those arti-
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[Cases of serious hemorrhage following the use of silver nitrate solutions
• Deutsche Klinik, October 15 and November 26, 1870.
my care at the County of Essex Tuberculosis Dispensary. She was then
jamin Franklin, when a young man, was a violent opponent of inocu-
MiLLiGAN, F.RNEST ; Cerebro.spinal fever ..... §31
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have observed time and again the pulse of grave toxaemia attending
Exercise is desirable as soon as the power of locomotion is recovered suffi-
bacillus forms a haemolytic substance (Besson, Practical
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3. Both components of the tumor — the epithelium and the stroma — develop
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rash. Much hebetude was observed while the rash lasted, but, as hebe-
59 cm. (23^ in.) in girth ; tympanitic ; outline of dilated colon visible ; sound
part of the cartilage. However, there are numerous cases
630 : Gransalo Food, 901 ; " Wander " Malt Extract n'ith Paraffin, 901 ;
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syphilitic origin, with that directly due to injury, nor with