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open up the lesser cavity of the peritoneum. If there are no signs of
22. Kelly. Johns Hopkins Hospital Bulletin, February, 1895.
Rhinoplasty over a Metallic Frame. — Martin {Revue de Chimrgie, Au-
strange as it now appears from our more accurate knowledge
verse colon ; it may, however, perforate into the thorax, forming a
done with a Saugman's needle, when the stop-cock is opened
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scribed as " serpiginous vascular degeneration of the nymphie." But it
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often been classified under the heading of splenic anaemia, for
is enormous. There appears to be an excess of the neuroglia granules.
symptoms of traumatic neurasthenia, hysteria, and malingering.
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ure. It was composed of numerous spots of irregular form, very slightly
degenerated nerve-fibres. The nutrient bloodvessels of these roots were
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a single organ, such as a breast. In connection with this subject the question
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the auricular cavities have become distended by reason of the
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with a Special Chapter on the Mental Disturbances following Typhoid
a diffused dulnass. The surface was in places slightly irregular and
soft consistency, flattened and circular in outline. Around this district
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retardation of recovery that takes place when paralysed
disease, whose history was negative e.xcept for that of tonsillitis.
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verse end-to-end anastomosis has to its credit seven cases, with recovery