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in the course or termination of the disease, signs of myocardial weakness
Knopsel has recorded instances of double infection with measles and scar-
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the pelvis of the kidney and the ureters through a Kelly speculum. The
primarily a disease of the spinal cord. Here we find the most marked,
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the prolonged absorption of the products of intestinal bacteria
According to Grassi, Bignami, and Bastianelli, the temperature at
It is accompanied with marked intermittence or irregularity of both
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time a course which resembled closely the chart of a typhoid patient,
finger, it causes an immense deal of mental perturbation.
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requires surgical treatment, as do constantly recurring attacks. — Tke New
specimen presents a rounded eminence, situated over the left auricle,
68 cm. (2()| in.). Coils of intestine and vermicular movements visible; tym-