2Collection of over 80 oral histories and photographs
3repeated lavage, while only rarely does this method effect a
4Almost every variety of nasal abnormality may be found in
5by their nuclei, which could often be seen as clear, unstained bodies,
7On the other hand, the tuberculosis may be the primary condition.
8Period III. A heavily proteid diet. In addition to some bread, fruits,
9to remove the placenta manually. The half of the womb which had not
11the colon, and rapidly grew worse; others, with a less grade of the
12much better proportionately than that of the cells of the anterior horns.
14Ante-mortem Research. With a view of determining, if possible,
15attendance, but all had resulted unsatisfactorily. The contraction pro-
17one of which was an operation performed, and this too late to have
18Supravaginal Amputation of the Uterus for Fibromyoma.— At a meet-
19was 127.5 : 1 — almost identical with the ratio seen in the heavily proteid
20large proportion, purely intestinal. I have not yet had the
21procedure. The attachment of the skin of the lid to the occipito-
25KoUer, 1891. Vlrchow's Archiv., Bd. cixv. p. 2-7. Tbree cases.
26majority of men death comes primarily or secondarily through
27Eight other observations are given, in seven of which the serum was admin-
28He does not approve of the early operation, which is so strongly and
30* Kernig : Berliner kliniscbe Wochenscbrift, December 29, 1884.
31titled the "SOMA Challenge?" Because it's always a challenge to get guys to attend! With operational tempo the
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35for Kiel and 10 per cent, for Jena, and Starck,* 13 per cent, for Copen-
37during deep inspiration only. In one case it disappeared after a few
38upon and their calibres gradually lessened and destroyed, while the
3986.6° in the morning. The breathing was quiet, the pulse regular, 84 ; there
41In his investigations over the histogenesis of cancer he many times
42others the i • 5 mm. trephine ; some do not touch the iris
43is excellent. Whilst very properly recommending removal of the