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been ascribed not so much to a deficiency of food as to a de-
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* Dr. Buchan, in his " Treatise on Sea Bathing," states that on dry
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profession : " Men ought to be very just in what they pub-
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a hei which strongly corroborates the idea of their operation through
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the most common weeds in our public roads, has virtues analogous to
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be resorted to, must be left to the sagacity and judgment of the practi-
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the breath, are said to accompany the poisonous action of lead, which
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cultures are presented in Figure la; point of time is represented by
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of alcohol. It will be seen that, in this process, all substances in opium
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The Fluid Bxtraci (Extractum Gsntianjs Fluidcm, K &) is a
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18 said to be generated in the drying process, and cannot be obtained
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and redness; !n inQamnmtion of the subcutaneous areolar tissue, either
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of the stomach, and on the otlnir to ^rxiiaurt iir r-x'r!i;ibilii v. 'i'lio dyh-
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fMuid useful in morbid sensitiveness of the stomach. But it is vastly
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case, ' a sudden turn in his easy chair, while quietly
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that it produces any such effect In the prefatory remarks on the mineral
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by the name of hipu!in, proposed for it by the late Dr. A. \\ Ivt> of
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died skin, like parchment, and a slow, small, very feeble pulse ; svmp-
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the acid fruits, in diminishing the animal temperature, has
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them, which will keep without decomposition, like that of ter-
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When very largely given, it generally becomes intolerably offensive to
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ehtfacteristic retraction of the gums, with a purple, not a blue edge ;''
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IIL IsDinscT Pbotsctitbs — NitraU of Silver, Iodine, and Creosote,
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again, he will have the satisfaction of knowing that
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(America) among our best students the habit of ^P^"*-
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and the Toialile ofl ts sometimes seftarately administered.
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was observed to be whitened by its chemical action. In man. when
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which are small and indigestible, such as grape stones, some
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pare him for the struggle, by the exhibition of beef tea.
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Though it is not probable that special or peculiar impressions of medi-
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crowd who give all to hazard and trust to it alone."
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the salt is applied more elleetuaily than it can he by any other ntethod;
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■ave or less incomxnodinz the stomach, thoagh rery rarely romhing.
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serted to impart active properties to the liquid. Phosphoric acid results
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