kraurosis, nevertheless states that he does not believe the disease to be
massage may give relief, and some mechanical supports prevent progressive
genic leukaemia. Shortly after Virchow's description of leuka;mia,
bral abscess were the great dangers to be feared. If the mastoid was operated
tember 26th until the last of October, although at intervals there were
whole, the temperature showed only the zigzag which is common at this
Radium is not a specific cure for cancer, and there is no
Maiden, treated him by plunging a trocar through the abdominal wall
advises that due care be exercised to avoid this accident.
antiseptic, and this solution is not too viscid for spra^ne. The method of
VININE is Bovine Blood Unaltered from the Arteries of the Bullock;
a copy, if possible. Then let him write words to dictation,
At the same time, cancer of the breast cannot be con-
Multiplication of the nuclei of the giant-cells he believes to take place
Doses of Strychnine in Milligrammes Reduced to 1 Kilo of Doo.
existence of specific trophic nerves fails in its purpose, and that specific
changes, already clearly manifest in the heart itself, we cannot properly
few or no projection fibres pass ; these areas are known as
the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) through joint sponsorship of USUHS
liminary puncture of the thick skin by the point of a sharp
with a solution of lactic acid. This is to be done every three or four days.
umylacea, but there is no demonstrable nucleus and no radiate striations.
Erperi mental Medicine, January, 1899) reports the result of the use of
a mosquito is infected with a tertian or lestivo-autumnal parasite.
and in 1 other cauliflower growths were found on the aortic valves, and
is an intact service bullet, the surgeon can safely be left to
traumatism in a patient who had had a severe atUick of influenza.
ulcerative lesions the soles of both feet were the seat of a marked kera-
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