3 per cent., and complete failure in but 2 per cent ; and of 400 cases,
Structural defects of the heart muscle are not infrequently inherited.
and its consistency is not apparently increased. Histology of the liver :
constant relation existed between the appearance of cocci in the urine and
digestive tract. All the layers of the bowel are affected, the result being that
fracture or stress reaction; 51 men (4.9%) incurred a
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The work is composed of an introductory chapter, in which he con-
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and forty-five years, 12 between forty-five and fifty-five years, and
was supported by the fact that the birds which became infected soon
after the employment of the Nissl stain, is in evidence of the same fact.
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the disease recurs, radium treatment may cause sloughing and
The palliative treatment by injection of iodoform glycerine
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