It is interesting to note that in studying these caaes Friis found and described an intracel-

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sound cannot be demonstrated by having the patient hold the mouth

Cases of erythema multiforme (papulatum, annulare, and gyratum), which

the bacillus X should be placed with the colon group.

The Treatment of the Incarcerated Pregnant Uterus by an Elastic Bag.

upon the foot five years after the appearance of the psoriasis. In

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found to have left hemiplegia, hypertension, and albuminuria ;

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the dysphagia, retention of urine, and spasm of the anus.

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Gougerot's preference is for coal-tar, applied neat or in one of the

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This observer defined the condition as " a morbid state in which the

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(Edward H. Taylor), 898 ; Minor Surgery and Bandaging. Pollard (H.

Thirty-nine of these were cases of diphtheria only, four were cases of

increase the effect of the paraffin. The " drj' emulsion " form ensures that

not those of premature senility. The vasomotor disturbances, the burn-

cases. The remaining four cases made good recoveries.

myelitis, popliteal aneurysm, and acute epiphysitis.

Neumann. Eln Fall von I^eukemla mlt Erkrankungen des Knockenmarks. Arch, der Heil-

111 cases, 106 were white and five negroes. Thus only 4.5 per cent, of the

pathology, and therapeutics he would seem to be almost courting dis-