Weigert that miliary tuberculosis always springs from a lesion of a

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organic origin ; but if this is true we should be able to locate the lesion

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A few years later Cartaz* reported a second case. A man, aged

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In presenting the experiments on absorption in the separate sections

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its rapid increase by such means as we have at our disposal. In this

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The study of the perforation cases is chiefly of interest from a surgical

Of causes giving rise to suppuration, with possible emptying of pus

the larger canaliculi and ducts the same tuberculous infiltration is found.

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develops. He gives as instances typhoid fever, chronic enterocolitis, and

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587 leucocytes the following relation of the different forms was observed :

however, the infection in both can be spread throuj,h the upper

great uncertainty which must attend his diagnosis as regards the exact

contract. Westphal, therefore, is compelled to believe with Bernhardt,

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advises the administration, during convalescence, of thirty grains of urotropin

disease. In this connection it may be interesting to note that in many

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as to overcome the occlusion of the ostium, rendering it

ted by direct contact with a lesion during the primary or secondary stage, transplacentally, or during delivery