2well suited for nursing mothers, infants over six months old, invalids, and
3ing a " Critical Review of 500 Published and Unpublished Cases
4anjemia is often intense. I recall a case of ulcerative endocarditis
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9The Wounded River: The Civil War Letters of John Vance
10stages. The first stage includes an indefinite period, during which the
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25Some years ago I made the statement (Americax Journal of the
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29seldom in traumatic tabes. Among sixty cases of tabes Lahr found only one
30ance in the first week, it may come on late in the disease, and I have
32turn out the ovarian cyst and to remove it without puncture. Its pedicle
33toes. In neurasthenia no reflex occurred in about 40 per cent, of the
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40enumeration of cases, but have given abstract synopses of those cases
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42the levator as the result of traumatism, disease, or hysteria is not verj'
44IUtrckhardt {Jahrfjuc/i /. Kinderheilkunde, 1899, Bd. xlix., S. 112) reports
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46thickened walls, are dilated, and contained in wide perivascular spaces.
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49[>urpura, and a girl, aged eighteen years, dying of acute leuksemia.
50Nasal accessory sinus disease, Treatment of (W. S. Syrae) . . - 789