1Septic nephritis was present. The patient gradually developed general
2Typhoid. — It is sometimes very difficult to distinguish,
3of elongation. Pulse and respiration are normal ; there is no facial conges-
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6The classification in the registration of deaths being vague
8The surface of the kidney was globular and sacculated. It presented
9The division of the partitioa walls transforms the multilocular into a
11The further analysis of the 4071 cases of diphtheria is of interest. In 355
12acterized chiefly by their action after absorption. In this part he takes
13of three world's records. The chart exhibited was taken after sprinting
14definite blow, received a week or two before the patient was
15field of operation before tj-ing and cutting. All vessels should, as far
17change their relative positions. Thus, for example, the shadow
18(d) The slight amount of inconvenience and disability
22certainly seem to bear out Ribbert's view, and lead me to believe that
23Foods causing fermentation must be avoided, and among these are potatoes,
24at first, have not occured during the past four years. Across the mountains
25aphasia " (Insdaphasie) or, rather, varieties of aphasia have
26fungi agreeing in morphological appearances with those above described were
29recurrence of proper names so frequent. To the average medical
30With all our hygienic improvements, the only retrograde
31One case was that of a man, aged sixty -six years, who came for increasing
32half-dozen opposing explanations have been given : 1. It has been
33prove to be one of the most useful addenda in the work.
36power to benumb sensation, while cold would do so when carried beyond
39due, in great part, to the absence of healthy ventricular muscle,
40as when made in the brow the hairs are apt to grow in irregular dirrc-
42tively. Under affections of the nervous system 2 cases of peripheral neuritis
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44American Pediatric Society's collective investigations have clearh' shown.
46transversely just above the brim of the pelvis. When the ovary was
47sleep with the right thigh semiflexed. Extension apparently caused a
49operative stand-point. Gynecological operations, and especially those upon