1death ; 23 ruptured externally ; 14 ruptured into the superior vena cAva ;
2fied with the merest superficialities instead of prosecuting our investi-
3Of course the endocardium may be inflamed in many of these cases,
4many of them, however, presented early degenerative changes, as evi-
6causes numbness of mucous membranes. The variable action of different
9trayed in apocalyptic movies and certain science-fic-
10attributed to a general disturbance of the power of absorption of the tissues
11these diseases." The above is an accurate account of the object and scope
13left foot. Initial treatment at the scene included a pres-
18of signs, e.g., definite apical dullness ; whereas, by the time
19which was followed by weakness, vertigo, and feeling of cerebral press-
21his experimental drugs not only great hyperfemia but extensive blood extrava-
22peritonitis not only the tubercular process but also the ascites was favorably
24IX. There remain for very brief mention isolated disturb-
25years later it lasted three weeks, and again nervous symptoms appeared
26periments conducted with a view of determining an efficient method for
27vagina and uterus be divided and the tissues packed with gauze, a good
28alcohol and tobacco. Present disease began in 1891, seven years before
31between clinical observation during life and the results of post-mortem
32life." The nasal mucosa should be treated with the utmost
33cus is a small depression or notch ; above, the inner border disappears
34the yellowish, clear fluid became bloody. About a quart of the fluid
35tence shut within bars like a criminal. Again, one cannot help but be
37was then tied later, or the pylorus was tied first and the strychnine was
38was adopted in the human subject. These are reported by Robson*
39increased maximum wound temperatures to an average of 70.8 +/- 4.2[degrees]C (p < 0.001). CD stopped
40attendance, but all had resulted unsatisfactorily. The contraction pro-
41the sensation of the perineum, external genitalia, and lower limbs was
42Weigert states, in a succeeding reference to Wild's publication, that in
44with the technique of the process, for it may easily be learnt
4535 |)er cent, of all diseases of the skin, we think it is at least entitled
46volving the j>eripheral nerves and the spinal cord, ending in an ex-
472. Interference with the action of the orbicularis.
50observation the force of an experiment. The effect of position on the side