found which shows considerable sclerosis. No marked degenerative

a carbonated bath ; this is quite erroneous, and is a fertile

to give as concisely as possible useful information relative to the Lunacy

— vomiting, palpitation, extreme difficulty in breathing, and

> Sajous' Annual Univ. Med. Sciences, 1891, vol. ii.

gall-bladder, kidney, and urine typhoid bacilli were isolated in pure cul-

usual climacteric disturbances following the operation, although in every

and that this fact directly tended to make a less favorable showing

71 deaths, or a mortality of 16.5 per cent. When we compare these

1. The prognosis in ordinary non-paralytic club-foot is good.

duration of the disease, owing to the uncertainty of the length of the

for surgical and medical purposes, but especially the former.

nourishment and seemed a little stronger. There was still marked melaena,

mous increase of bacteria. In these cases, after forty eight hours,

with results quite as satisfactory as those obtained at

purulent otitis media. Barnhill ' describes two cases of sarcoma

life. 9 The diagnosis of latent syphilis is made only after active infection has been ruled out. 3

without soiling his shoes with fecal matter. In some of the regimental

given ten separate tests. Three of them proved to be absolutely inert, and

autoclaved for an hour at 115° C, the agar being first added.

in some degree. la this triumph, the American Flexner has won the

of perforation and peritonitis at once arose, as well as that of an appen-

culatory changes following an independent existence, which

with vomiting, or nausea, sweating, or by a general sense of illness, with

functions of the bladder and rectum were probably disturbed, but of this

at the urgent request of the patient and her friends. Five

ment of the spleen has also been observed in secondary anaemia and

this book an excellent one for the purpose. The chemistry of the body

owing to anatomical variations, it is much more difficult. It

7. Deppe L. Mit Lettow Vorbeck durch Afrika. Berlin:

dyspnoea, cardiac pain, and orthopncea disappearing during

lo the hospital. He was then put to bed and kept upon milk diet ; the

in the study of the alimentary canal, describing in some detail

Another interesting point elicited is, that stimulation of the caecum

same direction. This much, at any rate, we can assert — namely, that

January and February, 1899, 423 cases were treated. There were 398 recov-

tion. Besides this difficulty it must be remembered that in those days,

use, and is becoming much better understood. Watson-

Aberd.; Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics in the University of

ables (previous lower body injury, severity and recu-