No cysts were found in the liver or elsewhere except the kidneys,

Small white areas, about the size of a pea, were noted by him, which

vagus is involved in abdominal affections, sometimes by com-

mation for military personnel, data were collected on

pital, February 2, 1899. The history given at the time of entrance was

monia should be to combat the destructive effect of the invading organism

amount of water excreted was greatly increased, but there was no albu-

two and a half trom the other side ; then abdominal section, with discovery of ovarian cancer,

the same results. Acids cause no change. From these reactions and the

ment, and can be momentarily arrest^ by vigorous voluntary move-

enlargement immediately disappeared, and the abdomen for a while

of other bacteriologists fully confirmed Weichselbaum's announcement,

able — the news was brought of the outbreak of the great mutiny, which

tion are bound to fail. It is necessary to break the curved radius before

Congenital dilatation, but associated with imperforated anus. Second case.

appendix, as well as in other parts of the book, may be found an inter-

Thus, as far as its application to cancer in the female

reading the subject matter. We would particularly indicate as meriting

sequent contraction of the stomach. The ])arts are then replaced and

It is very difficult to predict in any pariicular case what

membranes is common. Retinal hemorrhages are to be expected.

systematized, he is frequently for a long time the last man

Maisch, Ph.G., Ph.D. Pp. 523, with 285 illustrations. Philadelphia

hitherto met with definite success, but that it is due to some

one in a " welder." Priestley-Smith has suggested an excel-

advisable to add, that our most valuable and reliable method

is firm. The splenic notch occupies its usual position. The organ is

justified in beginning with Bouchard. Bouchard's method consists in

to anaj?thesia, of a phantom tumor, occurring late in life in a woman

was of moderately hard, elastic consistence, except at the root of the mamma,

vein passing to the dural channel. It is a delicate, web-like

inflammation of the meninges. The practitioner will do well

claim that the lavage and iodine injections exercised a controlling influ-

Crede's Silver Ointment in Puerperal Sepsis. — In Obstetrics, 1899, No. 2,