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He has a long list of cases in which patients had consulted him for some
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sensation in the corresponding spinal area. He also
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a "short anaesthesia" results, with little or no nausea
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gastric distention, a weight in the upper abdomen, and a
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posterior spinal nerves in certain well defined areas,
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form and strong alkalies. Laboratory-experiments demonstrated that it is
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quently the result of a loss of tone of the pyloric
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of the nipples in women who have not borne children are met with, the
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rare in syphilis. The pain in advanced cases of tu-
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lows : 1. In cases of cystitis resisting ordinary treatment a careful exami
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a retained placenta was delivered and the uterus thoroughly douched. A
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tiply the more the volume is studied. It is a treatise
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that they have found no real a^tiological basis for
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tumor could not be felt. There was free hydrochloric, but no lactic acid.
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Finiher examination developed a moderately loud mitral
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few hours, then it would stop, to recur again after some
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At other times the swelling can only be detected by pressure, and is not
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as occurring in England between the years 660 and 680 were epidemics
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believe that he can do so as well as the gynecological surgeon. Gyne-
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Antistreptococcal Injections in Scarlet Fever.— Dr. Yot reports their
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stillations of silver nitrate, and massage of prostate
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were entirely outside of the body. The pelvis was markedly contracted, and
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mination of the exact part played by insects to the
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rapidly, and, under special staining-methods, showing numerous flagelli, the
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worn for any great length of time, exceedingly foul.
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there was an absorption of toxins after gangrenous processes. One was a
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pubic incision. The patient was delivered by forceps, the pubic bones sepa-
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reduced to the dimensions of the cayity with which it has to deal.