5th was discharged, perfectly free from any symptoms
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vacancies from the ranks of its own pupils, and thus to
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" IMedical students of Great Britain, listen to the voice
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mind thatrenders liisname worthy not onlyofthehonour
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" How far," asks Mr. Catlin, " should dental conserva-
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touched. This tooth I immediately i-emoved ; an opera-
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thick purulent matter escaped. Beneath the thyroid car-
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the time of the stafl' in mere works of preparation. Bare
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teen days after the labour, that connection appears
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April 9th, 1803 ; Edwin Bartleet, Esq., in the Chair.
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stances, intrusted to other hands than those of the
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being 19.-17. Of the lower extremities there are twenty-
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purpura hsemorrhagica; and it was not until a course of
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of that memoir had been highly appreciated, and since
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jects for inoculation were well-selected, small-pox
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between the heart and the spinal centres has led to the
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merous demands on our gratuitous service that has been
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and he breathed and expectorated freely. On the 15th,
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the immoderate use of tobacco — a habit brought amongst
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be employed in such cases, it may be unhesitatingly
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them by pressure; whilst, in the latter case, the fascicles
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and as an extract prepared for me by Messrs. Allen and
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bichloride, in compound tincture of cinchona or in tinc-
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stan-bar. The right restit'orm body and the right pos-
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disappearance of tliat intolerable burden of involuntary
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cjeruleo rubrum manifestat, qui color tumoris peripheriam versus in
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and protracted whooping-cough. Not that there is any-
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It can scarcely fail to strike every one as, in all ways, a
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cases of febris intermittens, thirty-seven of febris con-
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circulation, no remedy we possess may safely replace the
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gravity IU'21, pale, acid, deficient in urea, but otherwise
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would seem to follow necessarily from their gastronomic
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from a circular lantern in the centre, and this is a singu-
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vehicles of it, that it is not surprising that among the
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four being now alive. She was a stout, strong looking wo-
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logy, 1st edit., p. (i'25, says : " It is a fact well establislied,
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chinae in the alvine evacuations, produced naturally or
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could be established on sound principles and honestly
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medicine. Of paralysis agitans, four cases were detailed,
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all probability, it was only when Mr. Tyrrell "stran-