doctorate of medicine. But in fact the treatise before us needs

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the size of millet-seeds, or somewhat larger. The upper lip

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which fails to reduce the heat. There is often pain in the head

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cure of Glycosuria, and in 60% of cases of Diabetes

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a normal condition, and moves in obedience to the will, and the

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years, of 18 cases that recovered it was 32 years, of 24 whose

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five days more, and then stopping. The persistence of the

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principal fermented liquors, are set down in plain figures.

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organized and chartered, shall be entitled the general session.

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commences with a sudden rigor, followed by quasi-hysteric

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only three have terminated fatally during the fever ; four others died

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Poultices are mentioned to be condemed. varied according to the case. After open-

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of discharge fro.n the frontal or ethmoidal occasioned disturbances of the vision, and

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cases, it is quite different with the effect of wines of the highly

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need any other allusion in this connection. A pelvic abscess often

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§ 36. History. This disease was recently discovered

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In the course of time, however, he acquired easily absorbable albumen and the hema-

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under our care. If he is not equipped to self is his assistants, and these should be

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the gland down. This is done through the ^'"^'' ''"^ ^^'f ^ '"°'!^^; ^"'^ '\''' " f\t

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any good, except iodide of potassium, and this only for a time.

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The explanation of the result, I think, is this : — A small groove

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Weston passed no stool during his period of strenuous exer-

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ed, may disappoint, friends may mournfully walk around him ; still his

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straining of the voice, and more rarely upon iheuniatism and

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however, the results of the test experiments with these dif-

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stood involuntarily grinning before me. The cheeks and lips were absent,

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or no doubt. After the discussion of each disease a few refer-

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puberty, remain more or less undeveloped, failed to find the eggs present in certain

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very considerably augment the amount of only for my personal experience and obser-

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active mental gymnastics that gives proper meetings of the Wilson County Medical

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Fig. 31. A drawing of a section of a very young tubercle in spleen.

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When the surface is perfectly clean, and all residual viscidity

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entire pectoralis major to the middle of the sternum and ensiform

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rature one degree Fahr. for an hour (though this was not inva-

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in this discussion. Avian diphtheria is reported, however, to

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tural pursuits or in handling grain but who were glaziers,