benefit of the free circulation of air and sunshine, their position and

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to arrest the circulation through a fowl's leg in this manner.

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The Council has decided that this may be best accomplished by the forma-

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that end money was no doubt required ; for, in our laborious and

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explanations: (a) that the sac became more permeable to the toxin

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12-hour culture intraperitoneally on September 30, igio. It died within 18 hours

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derer in these words : ' Vis sane composita oritur, ex dolorum im-

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is no contraindication for operation, although, of course, a normal tem-

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polymorphonuclear leukocytes may be found almost constantly in

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nasal mucosae late in the disease and are valuable aids to diagnosis in the corrals.

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of the officials were busily employed in trying to detect noxious

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therefore, chiefly of use in the ease of infants and aged persons. With

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after death. In birds it was sometimes coagulated. Could this be

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without our objections to some parts or points coming strongly for-

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given up on account of its danger ; but that nowadays it seemed

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off. The patient was cautioned against taking a sudden deep inspi-

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dark in color, with hemorrhagic spots. Heart and right lung appear normal.

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Mr Bryant^ has reported the case of a boy, a3t. 8, who had a

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Physical suffering, we quite agree with our author, should have (as

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recommended: Hanzlik and Collins consider the phloroglucin test, first

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a specific for locomotor ataxy. In his own experience, nitrate of

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results. This, too, is a renal diuretic and does not injure the epithelium

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never affected. Limited and isolated patches are occasionally found

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trouble would be saved, by the needful instructions to the architect

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numbers of pus cells contained a few baciUi, but in general the

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Russell and Hoffman (1907a) (p. 240) state that the results of testing 18 animals

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remer has lately published observations on the influence of Peni-

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distinction between its various manifestations, which, from a therapeutic

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ears of the pig after a short period. This guinea-pig died four days

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rhage, though the uterine contractions had been pretty regular and

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In order the better to emphasize the effect of these influences

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nitric acid, or the acid nitrate of mercury. We have found the fre-

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