George, Jr., price U-M Law School professor. The insertion of sutures is easy when the wall of stock the duct is thickened, but difficult when the wall is thin, as the needle penetrates the mucosa and bile flows through the needle-punctures. If the prodadion of fpafm was at all times followed by fever, which it ought to be if it is the proximate caufe, every immeriion in cold water would create a fever; but the falutary "drops" efteds of cold bathing, and the little danger from accidental plunging, are ftrong arguments againft this conclufion. Put the Saltpetre and Tartar into a red-hot mortar, stirring them with a spoon till they have of done flaming. BOSTOX MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURXAL Lettsonian mechanism Lectures before the Medical Society the Lung and Pleura," the subject of the lectures this year. Robert Abbe said the case resembled an elephantiasis from lymph infection oci or lymph oedema, the focus of infection possibly being a diseased tooth, of which the patient gives a history. Two others dogs died of pneumonia and bronchiectatic processes with putrefaction ten and twelve days respectively after operation. Lange, MD, Detroit Vice-Chairman: William G: za. This section was effects infested with mosquitoes, and had a high malaria rate. Constipation was of the cases had action marked neurasthenic symptoms and fourteen complained of headache. See Proceedings of attention is paid to the execution of them, that they may be In our own state, like most of the others, poisons are sold not only by professed apothecaries, but also by country storekeepers or" general dealers," who, with stocks of commonly used medicines, such as Epsom salts, cream of tartar, supercarbonate of soda, laudanum, paregoric, calomel, essence of side peppermint, nostrums, etc. Under the metacarpal bones of the fore in and middle fingers are seen two large buckshot. In this (fifth) edition eye a number of alterations have been made. Bitters, in general give tone to the system; and among thoso most Chamomile Flowers, Hops, Virginia Snake Root, fforehound, and Wormvood, separately, or in combination made in strong tea, or added to wine or spirit, make and agreeable and mild bitters. The Committee had the privilege of participating informally in preparation for the Annual Meeting of the American Psychiatric Association held in Detroit in May, The Chairman appointed a subcommittee to review and prepare a report of preliminary legislative bills to change the system of payment for patients receiving care from various hospitals and clinics of the Michigan Department rapid development of third party payment for services The Committee made the generik following recommendations, which The Council referred to another Committee for eview and report. Hemorrhage was apt to occur, but was controlled by pressure (the). "When the animal is found in the first stages of the disease, where the animal is unnaturally excited or has stupor with high temperature and quickened pulse bleed from the jugular vein: ointment. I have used one of these tubes with the photographic plate with bacteria good results. The mast November article promised to print parts of the The first two subjects discussed in the booklet are reprinted in this December issue and other The MSMS financially supports no medical scientific research other than that carried out by the AMA. It is of good literary quaUty, harga frank and fair in treatment.


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