portance to attend to the position of the patient ; the part of the
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even in small quantity. The borders of the opening were smooth,
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As the lapse of years has scattered the various class -
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high for vegetation to put forth, cannot be estimated at less than
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sent a mere fissure. The external mucous laj^er is the seat of
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functional interruptions, and does not generally occur in those of
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of the same side, lie recovered; and when 1 last knew of him •
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DICTIONARY ? — of daily necessity and permanent value.
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appeared behind the ear, and continued there for two years; it had been
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ledge is of great value in the removal tumors, and in other operations about
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metropolitan hospitals furnish no standard by which country
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inculcatiug the idea of an abstract, recondite, unparalleled
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ether, &c. ; that is to say, it causes a cessation of the nervous al-
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Beems to be very apparent. I have long been of the opinion
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purulent matter at a time from the chest through the original wound.
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Delirium Tremens is the typical result. Nothing is more
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often. The doses taken by Dr. Boling, therefore, instead of being
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endolaryngeal, as, for instance, involvement of the
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easily passed my right hand into the uterus, and with little diffi-
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Riesel, of Germany, who advocated splitting the aponeurosis of
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coated with exudations of whitish yellow, extending to the tonsils, fauces," &.
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can be renewed or deepened whenever the pains return.
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gin" of the optic nerve ; 3 a. " Reflex " npon the iris ; b. upon
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apparatus. The apologist for the use of these beverages,
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it in The Lancet for 1850. Procure it. or i . and study it
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flammation/' are grouped a great variety of very different
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cre itself become so enfeebled that it can produce but. slowly its
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A stroke of lightning and a blow upon the region of the car-
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visit, and he was discharged on the 12th of September. No
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sunken, and the voice weak and muffled. A cold sweat breaks
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than of their pathology, with perhaps, the exception of the first,
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Jan. 15th. Terence can now move his elbow, so that his hand
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and are, to most stomachs, hard of digestion, but when they
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is no more an opprobrium medicorum than infantile or puerperal
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