ness of the previously " stuffed " and heated nostril.

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to a cortical lesion, unless to one of such extensive area as to have ren-

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pregnation. Whether this fear is born of love of the consort and the

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The amount of serous discharge may be enormous. I remem-

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which the author says : " I doubt if there is any other organ (sic) of the

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largely upon the full discussion by the members for the elabora-

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ures of Goth* relating to this point are very interesting. This writer

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number of cases of a peculiar cutaneous disease had, from time to time,

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(Quain.) Now, the circulation in all these lymphatics is aivay from the

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exceedingly valuable means of acquiring a practical knowledge of the

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the pathologist, reported that the blood culture showed no growth

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portance to the practical surgeon. The fever he speaks of is due to chronic

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LoMER ( Centralblatt f. Oyn., No. 48, 1889) reports the case of a primipara

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Kemarks on the Causes of Glaucoma. By Leartus Connor, Detroit, Mich.

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manometer is opened, and the fluid in the closed limb is sucked

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thing in the brain picture was the marked diffused moisture and

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of one-half to one grain. The action of the salt on fermentation was first

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application of the forceps. Anterior rotation of the occiput -failed, and the

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panic. Dr. Copeland saw what was going to happen and was

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:vt by Neisser and Buchner. The experiments with micrococcus prodigiosus

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Fleischlchen Hjemometer. Ceutralblattfiir med. Wissenschait., Berlin, 1887.

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step to take in cases of transfusion. In the case which Dr. Westbrook re-

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familiar to the profession, but as they contain much that is suggestive

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manent lesion. Some local disorders involving the urethra, bladder, or

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ner in which an all important subject has been treated. It has been

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are suggestive, and we know it to be a fact that a deposit of

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pulses which are generated in the centres." (Page 60.)

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tioning elicits no recollection of any suffering. I do not mean

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tional nervous disease in the military hospitals in both Montreal

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pernicious practice. Einsing the mouth with warm water gives more relief

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The American Text-Book of Surgery, after noting the rela-

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(Edema of the feet and legs was present in fourteen cases ; of the

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was that of extremely dark sherry with something of an olive tinge, this

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operation attests the disappointment which too frequently terminates the

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it. A curious diversity exists in regard to the particular prepara-

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isolated in pure culture from the patient's sputum. The bacteria

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that are located above the levator ani muscles. But for that

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of Public Health Legislation, and co-operation with other Civic

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but not in anything lik« the number they do in the caseous form. I

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the mastoid; 2, acute infectious osteomyelitis of the mastoid; 3, a part of

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shortly afterward in this society, was three inches long, the meso-

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recorded by my confreres, in the Long Island College Hospital,