Lillian S. Eichelberger, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Medicine, Lasker Foundation.

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very important in diagnosis, are associated with this circumstance: (a) In

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Week 4, Pay 16 : Tiio hours of i^rfor^iKe are devotee! to correct procedures

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a condition of pseudo-paresis, with profound dementia, euphoria, and motor

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are, above all, very many myelocytes with various granulations, and also

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mally, and consist of an extremely severe cardialgic pain, which is accom-

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lesion of the posterior columns, without material involvement of the anterior

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a diagnosis of diabetes mellitus, a knowledge of the abnormal character of

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myelitis, may perhaps be referred to exposure to wet or cold, we usually reckon

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the best examination on the fresh subject. Material provided under

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twelvemonth preceding the July in which the scholarship shall be awarded.

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student, the one, that is, who wishes to enter the field of Surgery.

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But if we find in myelitis a marked atrophy, with reaction of degeneration

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procession of the products, and maintenance' of approved estabMi^hneaoits on

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(the author, Oppenheim, and others), a curable form of encephalitis also

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on some medical and soientific subject, written by the candidate, together

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or else cystitis will develop in a few days. If a cystitis already exists, then

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arsenic, the valerian preparations, etc., are considered as the principal nerve

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written reports of ten surgical cases (not being those taken for the

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As has been indicated above, we are not justified in regarding all the

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sorbed, the symptoms of compression abate, and there is a steady progress

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The paralysis is flaccid in almost all cases. The legs may be moved

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sensibility and the vesical and sexual functions remain normal.

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joining the Medical Department, and may be deducted therdErom.

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with increased tendon reflexes, but of course without muscular atrophy, be-

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1. Lymphatic Pseudo-leukaemia. — This is by far the most frequent of the

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Charles James Blasius Williams, M.D. Edin., c. i846, 47.

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be followed by a slowly progressing course. At any rate, in our definition of

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joints individually (shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, etc.).