associated with this was a marked amount of peripheral asphyxia

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long to the arthritic group of diseases. With the disappearance of

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band. Before this is done it should be washed in the following man-

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quantities, isatin is formed and the result of the test may be deceptive.

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taken up in the system as quadri-urate, and that it is finally voided

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there are certain persons and families which appear to be especially

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THE nose is composed of bone, cartilage and other tissues, to-

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If much debility follows an attack, cod liver oil is a good remedy to

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or any combination of excretory products, has led a number of more recent

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explosion of arthritic disease as the consequence of their deposit in

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urine without any symptoms of gouty disorder. In such cases the

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copy of the portrait l)y Jarvis, now in llie lihrary liall of Columbia College ;

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Unless the degree of squint be slight, it can only be remedied by

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place, from the fact that it is a common affection of this organ.

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urates in the tissues, hence its action is favorable only after a long

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immediate needs of the time, and laid the foundation

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Examine the eye thoroughly and remove all foreign particles. For

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Dr. Elislia Bartlett, a graduate in medicine of Brown

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by mechanical force of substances in crystalloid or soluble form in the blood

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posure, it is impossible to deny that in some cases these factors do

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abolished, in 1884, by an order of the Trustees in ac-

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years. But the classes in attendance had never been

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unwise to abandon a plan of treatment of proved utility on merely theoretical

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