Sphygmographic tracing in Mitral Regurgitation show- tion, COrrespondiuff in rhythm

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ficial a portion of the fluid may be withdrawn by aspiration, and a micro-

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persons over forty years of age the prognosis is decidedly unfavorable, even

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carried to their highest point ; that after the degenerated material is re-

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Symptoms. — This disease may come on suddenly or slowly ; if it develops

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the second sterno-costal articulation of the right side, but it may be heard

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Second : Leucomaines ; poisons developed from inflammatory and exuda-

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care should he exercised to avoid exposing the surface to changes of tem-

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in quantity and of low specific gravity. Pressure over the liver gives no pain,

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currence in the course of typhoid fever ; they vary in extent with the dura-

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palmar arch, which would occasion severe hemorrhage. Efforts to ligate

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der and a warm bath at night, followed in the morning by a brisk saline

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of the pulse, which is irritable in character. The skin is usually unnatu-

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possible amount of concentrated nutrition — the yolk of eggs and milk are

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the germ. We know there are many organisms daily taken into the

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Morbid Anatomy of hepatogenous jaundice. In a normal state, the liver-

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latter case, evidences of a rapidly developed peritonitis, and, in the former,

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is equally as strong as it is in corresponding parts of the body.

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denied by many that mercury is a cholagogue ; still there are few who do

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occurs in portions of lung which are the seat of pulmonary hjperjemia

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by pressure upon the esophagus from aneurysm, enlarged thyroid gland,

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tious diet. Opium may be given in moderate doses to alleviate pain, allay

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Pigmentation may follow the introduction of extraneous substances into

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and the digestive process should never be overtaxed by taking a large (juan-

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the disease is caused by the deposit of the urates of sodium

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in this class of cases, and the abdomen is usually very much dis-

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ease, the color often changes with the exacerbations and remissions of the

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and diphtheritic exudation there is every possible gradation. Some claim

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ment may be applied after voiding stool. Each time after defecation

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tissues as the case may be. Tissue the result of proliferation and devel-