to the character of the existing hypochondriacal ideas, and since they disap-

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rhagic encephalitis chiefly in the vicinity of the third ventricle and the aque-

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Resident Assistants are appointed every six months and continue in

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diabetes. This is the explanation of the comparatively frequent appearance

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to place them in the first rank. Tasso, William Blake, Eousseau, Victor Hugo,

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sole will often produce a vigorous flexor contraction in the irritated leg, and

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6. Dorsal extension of the toes (Mm. extensor digitorum communis et ex-

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the DD Form 1237^ Repor? of inspection zf rheil Hggs.

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Pathological Mnseiim, containing abo^e 4000 draTmigs, casts, and pre*

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e. Here are condensations and other excerpts that you, an Inspector, may need to know:

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Students who do not intend to offer themselves for a degree will, how-

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There are Test examinationB held, which the student must pass

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Examiners ; derivation and meaning of the following terms, with their

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a disturbance of a special function of the pancreas, of which we have as yet

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further trophic disturbances: changes (thickening or atrophy) in the skin

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bra. The vertebral canal below this point is filled partly by the filum ter-

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(1) Lactle-Acid-ProduCli^ Bacteria («ilk-Sour1ng Sacteria). These bacteria

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theory is by no means proved, and is even improbable, so that, in our

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308. Applied Physiology of the Circulation. — Mechanics of the circulation; the elec-

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affecting either one half or one particular portion of tbe body, are almost

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tions of taste for sweet, sour, and salt from the tip of the tongue and the an-

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their proficien<7 in the yarious medical sciences) by their giying in return a^

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less subjective symptoms, which may occur in almost every organ. By far

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from time to time, morbid " discharges of energy " and an outbreak of the

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(trephining the mastoid, etc.) may perhaps often check the advance of the

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the first steps are often very stiff and laborious, while succeeding ones grow

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at any other time, £10 10s. ; M.B., £8; ditto, if a B.A., £2 ; ]\i.D., £10;

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understand that this primary change in the ideational life of the injured

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