remedies. I remember of hearing that his medical adviser

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vessels of didactic instruction ; let us eliminate its toxines and

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that it will demonstrate the error that the colder the bath the greater

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efited in the gas-houses where illuminating gas, carburetted

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absolute ruin, for this comes to many a good boy, who is un-

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tants, we owe the first demonstration that active mechanical action on

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the patient cool. I often sponged the whole body with cold water,

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it is boiled more or less, and bottled and sealed. Much of

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body, but in severe cases the skin may be almost covered in certain

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out in the cool air, the same characteristic whoop may be produced,

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Palpation renders clearly perceptible the defect or absence of expan-

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no age enjoys immunity against dysentery, most cases are met with in

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and in severe types from three to four weeks. The prognosis varies in

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" 3. Idio-imbecile, improvable as regards cleanly living,

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physicians should not know as much of wines and liquors as

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Salway. — Not very good in the East, as a rule, but is the

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factor of but very little importance in judging the severity of

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While the antiseptic treatment, both by inhalation and by means of

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seven ; the total number of deaths was three, and of recoveries twenty-

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of ice to the head, and the other agents suggested for the headache and

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out, with shade and ornamental trees and flowers. It is one

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