during the last ten years. In 56 cases treated by cold sponging, the
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would make good mutton. The doctor some time after, meet-
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reaction, viz., the mechanical and thermic. The mechanical effect is
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ulation of the body temperature. Burns covering over two-thirds of
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month in the year at reasonable prices. So the striped bass,
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been emphasized (page 183), in advanced stages of eases which have
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Outbreaks have been re])orted fruiii various sections of the
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murmur becomes exceedingly weak, and later an abundance of subcrepi-
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who claim Priessnitz, the apostle of cold water, as their leader. This
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do not receive the impressions to which in normal conditions their
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rccomniendat.ions shall soon become the law of this Province. If
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not as yet been conclusively proven with reference to many localities.
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to the fifth day) the most characteristic feature almost always appears —
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Virginia Hot Springs, placed on a cot adjoining the douche room,
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diseases, to the enhancement of the resisting capacity of the patient — a
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l)etween twenty-five and thirty-five yeai-s of age. He points out
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review does not appear to strengthen this claim : Sir William
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That there is no contradiction involved in the conclusions of Kall-
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by subsequent passive movements and gentle friction, be most likely to
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was the pain very severe, when a true colic came on, which
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ciliated forms, according to Manson, probably do not exist in the blood
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thirty-eight grains of salicylic acid. Now, the important
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already congested and poisoned viscera, and leaves only the choice
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not gone on well, using at the end of his letter these words :
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try. Wear and tear is greater every day, over-consumption
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mischievous wag, up to all kinds of pranks, and, withal, a
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the basic salts during digestion and thus serves its good pur-
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tation has been completed the sediment must be gotten rid
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It is clearly in the mind of the Commissioner that the gradu-
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first visit, combined with the symptoms presented, make the diagnosis
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water. Thus osmotic equalization processes may ensue, by reason of
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^ Centralblatt fiir Bacteriologie, vol. xviii. Nos. 17 and 18.
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