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Miiller's Archives. (7) Traite du development de riiomme, Paris 1843.
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hope of accomplishing these results, active medication has
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duces the same effects as the drug given by mouth." (Scudder.)
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same in kind, whether the dose is large or small, we have a large
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learned. It is antidotal to such animal poisons (zymotic) as
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Death third dny. Double ovariotomy. Both pedicles so
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ated both to right and left, but chiefly at the right side.
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in regard to the diagnosis of Cancer. Unfortunately, how-
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Tannic acid and substances containing it are incompatible
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were discussed by Drs. ]\Ieltzer, Eussell, Thayer, and Solis Cohen,
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rily transmissible, which will comprehend diseases pro-
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into the equally healthy child ? Can there be any doubt
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the fluid gravitates as the patient lies on his back. In the center,
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Fahr., and again in pigeons from 107° to 110° Fahr. Yaria-
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credit is lost and universal bankruptcy ensues, when pov-
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of the urinary tract, and has been employed in chronic cystitis
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Dose. — Fluid extract, 5 to 60 drops; specific medicine, 5 to
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for the tubercle bacillus, and this is admissible, for the finding is positive
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weakness and nausea. It was evident that something serious had happened,
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satisfaction in coition or exertion. The female who will take
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spect refers to a direct remedy. It makes no difference where
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plicable the mucous membrane is involved, and there is itching
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soon after meals. When administered one-half hour before
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Factors Which may be Concerned in Causing Hypertrophy of the Thyroid
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side; but usually they prefer standing. A ridge will be
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tinued there is impairment of the circulation, with tendency to
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We ask of Dr. Wood and of our readers pardon for taking
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relieving themselves to a certain extent by transudation,
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best forms of the laryngoscope, a mirror, fixed to a spectacle-
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There are some peculiarities in the temperature that the ther-
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remedy for toothache, and in relaxation of the uvula to exercise
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eight, the extreme limit usually attained ; few consume
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child is often covered with hairy down, and its forehead is
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disease when left to itself, will render the horse unfit for
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the greatest percentage of accidents. Most of these are believed
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the case of all the secretions there must be a membrane contin-
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In this instance both children presented by the head, and in the first
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proceeding in applying remedies, in the indications we pro-
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