or collapsed, while in the last four it may be considerably dilated. Stress

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vagi were intact, showed changes very similar to those seen in

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among the 67,429 cases of all sorts, in the clinics. 15 per cent, of the

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Salzmann, M. Uber wiederholte Masern. Ztschr. J. Kinderheilk., 1920, 24,

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the course of the disease (to 4000 at times). The polymorpho-

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tuberculous infection. Laboratory tests are essential for establishing a rapid

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Sturgis and Tompkins as of great practical importance in the recognition

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and favourable course. A high continued fever was usually converted by

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sarca. ' At present dropsical effusion is so great, that on the

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not jaundiced points to the liver as the place of fonnatioii, for in

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while dividing the fifth pair, so that the animals soon bled to

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For a quantitative analysis of gastric contents the stomach must be com-

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occlusion of the bowel by contraction and cicatrization. It appears, as

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physical and mental vigor. Family history negative as to all systemic

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Hare, H. A. Treatment of aortic aneurysm by wiring and electrolysis.

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remove in order to produce hyperplasia of the remainder? The

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Gram -resistant. Condorelli was able to obtain the development of Tricho-

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was however after the three first fits, a constant appearance of

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chronic bronchitis, but in some the evidence of chronic passive

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to get at any reliable data as to the results, as at that date

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one of acromegalia, shows this change quite typically. Kriiger*

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possible. However, the fall of the percentage radiation received, with

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the growth requirements of haemophilic bacilli and to indicate the signi-

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sent state of knowledge with regard to Croup. Although of

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also, he rejects. A far more important determining cause is infection, and

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ed, if required, not merely with a view of evacuating the sto-

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loose fragments of bone, such as are seen and such as have caused serious

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Plasmodium praecox. (3) Quinine caused the symptoms to disappear.

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Gley states that 5 c.c. of serum per kilo dog weight must be used

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is confronted, an occasional patient — unwisely, unskilfully, or

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with the condition of the pancreas as determined at the laparotomy, but

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disappearance of the arthritic manifestations. The blood still

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salts : bleeding time is thus prolonged as the outflowing blood removes the