tion of Orificial Surgeons, electing Dr. Pratt as honorary

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raise a strong suspicion of pelvic disorder. There are also other

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the poor, should not be made ready subjects for attack, and

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. patients have been treated in the wards of this hospital,

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mind. Many persons whose support would have been useful told him

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1903 "Ueber adenomatoese Wucherungen d. Tubenschleimhaut bei chron.

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perfectly sound eyes of a child six days old with lochial secre-

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Kentucky Medical Society, and the Southern Association

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physiological effects of coffee and caffeine upon the nervous

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It follows from the above that the pointed S and D bullets

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(Boston) Club. Politically he is a Republican. He is a member of

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cases on the battlefield (shock, haemorrhage); but this is

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expectancy in such acute diseases as cholera, for instance, he

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fore the same association. Many important cures by this system

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Donald Macrae, born in Pooiewe, Rosshire, Scotland,

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painful points along the course of the affected nerve, and cuta-

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and with the easy dissociation of these last, and their mobility.

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the help of our estimable colleague Dr. Roth, whom I beg to

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In October following he was transferred from the Rock-

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to touch; redness of nose, tip cracked; after blowing nose, glit-

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as well as the country, make comparison of their health and

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their fallen friend and brother at a special meeting held November 9,

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especially to direct your attention. And first we will give the

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vitality of all known disease germs ; and there is no better way of disin-

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one of her patients, and the news of his death the next

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to 1916. Dr. Leo is a member of the Westchester County Medical

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results, the question of the use of stimulants for wet-nurses and

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may even happen that the wounded, even when their atten-

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quencher of thirst, as a physiological necessity in fact, should not be denied